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Dos and dont's of working with the OTAs

The working relationship between hotels and online travel agencies – better known as OTAs – is always a matter of heated debate in the travel industry. But the likes of Expedia,, Orbitz, Ctrip as well as meta-search players such as Trivago, Kayak or even TripAdvisor and Google are a reality and force to be reckoned with. So what are hoteliers to do?

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Here are six things to do when working with OTA sites:


I know this sounds so basic, yet I often see profiles on various sites that lack a complete description (bio), hours of business, available rates or promotional rates, and so on. So when searching for business on Google, or TripAdvisor, or, users should see information as coherent as what can be found on your website.

A question often heard: should you save your best pictures for your own website? Of course not. You should have many quality pictures to begin with, so why spare the excellent ones just for your website? It’s your brand, so you may as well put your best out there, whether it’s on proprietary media or third party sites.