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8 tactics you need to include in your 2018 hotel marketing plan.

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Assessing a new calendar year usually revolves around how your hotel can increase the amount of guests you attract and how much revenue you can drive. Every year brings new challenges and potential new strategies, while tried and tested methods always hold strong too. It’s important to take careful note of emerging trends, but you also need to implement plans that are effective for your individual hotel.

Here are eight tactics you should consider including in your 2018 hotel marketing plan:

Tactic #1

Make personalisation a priority

Guests know you have the ability to personalize their experience. With technology and data systems constantly improving, there is no excuse not to understand guest preferences and deliver individually catered services.

Here are some recent stats demonstrating the opportunity:

  • Over 80% of online customers say they would be open to switching loyalties if they found a service that better catered for their needs

  • 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into customer service

  • 94% of senior-level executives believe delivering personalisation is important to reaching customers

You can use the data you collect from online travel agents (OTAs), your hotel’s own website and direct booking engine, and if you have one, your app to develop a deep knowledge of guest booking behaviour, purchase habits, and amenity preferences. Additionally you should know t