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6 tactics to improve your hotel’s website conversion rate

Getting customers to your hotel’s website is one thing. Converting their clicks into bookings is quite another.

According to Sam Weston, marketing manager for 80 DAYS, conversion rates for hotel websites average between 1.7% and 2%. (If you’re looking at anything higher than that, you’re doing great.) But even in the best-case scenarios, where a hotel might be seeing a 5% conversion rate, 95% of visitors are still abandoning.

The good news is, the majority of visitors who abandon a booking are not lost for good. It’s more likely these visitors want to shop around. (According to a recent statistic by for the travel industry, the top three reasons for booking abandonment are around research, price comparison and checking with other travelers.)

Even so, hotels can do more to lower the rate of abandonment.

Achieving a slight conversion rate increase can have a huge impact on revenue.