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11 Things You Need in Your Airbnb Rental to Make More Money

How can you make the most out of renting your home on Airbnb?

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Renting out your home on Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way to make some extra money. But with 1.5 million listings globally on Airbnb alone, you have to be a little better than the next guy to make your listing stand out and make sure you get good reviews. 

While there are a few things renters have come to expect as standard from a short-term vacation rental (a bed, clean sheets, towels, WiFi, toilet paper, etc.), there are other things you should have on hand to be considered a “good” host.

1. Lockitron

Giving your guests easy, hassle-free access to your property is a sure fire way to get their stay off to a good start. Lockitron is an ingenious gadget that attaches to your existing deadbolt, allowing your visitors to remotely lock and unlock the door using their cell phone — meaning no keys and no cumbersome lock-boxes attached to your front door with complicated instructions. You can change the code between each guest and receive alerts each time the door is unlocked for extra piece of mind. 

2. Welcome Treats

Once your guests have made it inside, their impression of your home will be made within minutes. So why not make a good impact by leaving them a welcome gift — a bottle of wine, freshly baked cookies, a nice scented candle with matches, or a fresh fruit bowl. Maybe even all of the above. Add a hand-written card welcoming them. It’s the little things that go a long way.